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Data Visualization Suite

Our suite of data visualization tools provides unprecedented insights to Infection Preventionists and hospital managers, and allows you to quickly identify the most efficient path to hand hygiene improvement.

Online hand hygiene performance dashboards are available 24×7 from any computer, tablet or mobile device with an Internet connection. Individual clinicians can log in to see their own performance, and managers can view data by shift, group, unit or team. Reports are automatically emailed to providers weekly as well.

Vital Signs™ Dashboards

In addition, our Vital Signs™ dashboards correspond with each phase in our Hand Hygiene Acceleration Pathway™ process. There are different gauges for each phase, which help managers quickly see if they’re meeting the goals for each phase.

Performance Bubble Plots™

Our Performance Bubble Plots™ allow you to see, at a glance, the highest risk by individual. Each circle represents a badged clinician. The larger the circle, the more hand hygiene opportunities. The color of the circle indicates performance – darker green is higher and darker red is lower.

Real-Time Intervention Blueprints™

And our Real-Time Intervention Blueprints™ let you visualize the highest risk by hospital room or patient condition. the size of the shape indicates the number of hand hygiene opportunities. Again, the color of the circle indicates performance – darker green is higher and darker red is lower. Managers can even get a text message a few hours into a shift, alerting them of any hotspots.

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