Our Technology

Our technology is nonintrusive, and it works. Sensors on alcohol and soap dispensers gather data from badge reels. In the event a provider forgets to clean their hands, our patented Real-Time Voice Reminder™ provides a gentle reminder. The flexible sensor network allows us to adapt the system to your unique workflows. Data is gathered on both badged and non-badged people. There’s no change to the hospital’s normal workflows.

The Badge Reel

  • Identifies individual providers
  • Non-intrusive to staff; lightweight
  • Zero impact on workflow
  • No additional wearable
  • One year battery life, no recharging

The Sensor

  • Identifies each hand hygiene event
  • Communicates with all other sensors
  • Flexible for ALL dispensers and skincare brands
  • No facilities impact
  • Real-Time Voice Reminder

The Network

  • Ethernet connection to the Internet
  • No facilities impact
  • Two-way secure communication
  • Does not use nor interfere with hospital WiFi

The Software

  • Configure the system for your unique needs
  • Access from any browser – no software installation required
  • Individual and group level dashboards
  • Meaningful, actionable data analytics

A Simple Solution to a Complex
Safety Problem

A Simple Solution to a Complex
Safety Problem

Contact us to find out if we can help improve hand hygiene and reduce HAIs in your hospital.

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