15 Hospital Installations in a Row Reduced HAIs by >66%

All fifteen consecutive hospital installations had a statistically significant decrease in HAIs, ranging from 45% – 81% (as seen below). The average drop was 66.5%.

And every infection type was reduced, by a statistically significant average of 61.4% (see below).

What’s the impact to these fifteen hospitals?


– Money saved – a total of nearly $10 million per year in direct costs alone.

– Infections prevented – 372 per year.

– Lives saved – 39 per year.


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Hand hygiene increases

Including a 300% improvement in multiple hospitals following voice reminder implementation.

HAI reductions

Including an 81% reduction in C. diff in six months, as well as a 72% drop in all HAIs over the same time period.

Cost savings

Including net savings of over $1M per facility in a two-facility hospital partner.

Joint Commission commendation

during a survey for using Clean Hands – Safe Hands’ system.

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