For most patients in a hospital, their goal is to get healthy as soon as possible so they can return home. Most of the time, this happens. But sometimes hospital patients catch a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). There are many reasons for HAIs, but the main one is that clinicians sometimes forget to clean their hands in between patients.

Clinicians are hard-working and highly compassionate people – they don’t intend to forget to clean their hands, but they’re typically caring for a lot of patients and are moving very quickly. The Clean Hands – Safe Hands system helps remind nurses, physicians and technicians to clean their hands when entering and exiting your patient room.

You may hear our Real-Time Voice Reminder™ saying something like “Please sanitize” if a clinician forgets. You’re welcome to ask your provider if they’ve sanitized, whether or not you hear the voice. Using Clean Hands – Safe Hands shows that your hospital has taken extra measures to keep you and other patients safe.

Contact us to find out if we can help improve hand hygiene and reduce HAIs in your hospital.

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