Compare Us To Other Systems

Here’s a checklist you can use to compare us to direct observation, as well as other electronic hand hygiene systems. For other systems, you’ll have to fill out the checklist – answers vary, depending on the company.

CHSHDirect ObservationOther Systems
Minimal Facilities Impact
Minimal IT Impact
Soap and Alcohol Dispenser-Agnostic
No Extra Wearable
No Need For Staff To Recharge Badge Reel
No Interference With Isolation Gowns
No Interference With Clinicians’ Workflows
Identify Individuals AnonymouslyVaries
Identify Individual Staff or GroupVaries
Flexible Compliance Rules
Captures ~1200 Observations Per Bed Per Month
Real-Time Voice Reminder™
Adaptive Room Modes™
Performance Bubble Plots™
Real-Time Intervention Blueprints™
6 Phase Hand Hygiene Acceleration Pathway™
Positive, Rewarding Approach & Gamification
Real-Time Dashboards (Individual/Group/Room)
Data For Workflow Improvements

What To Watch Out For

Here’s what you don’t want in an electronic hand hygiene reminder system:

  • A technology that gathers data but doesn’t also remind providers to clean their hands in the moment. This will never be as effective in changing behavior.
  • Reminders that are beeps, alarms, or flashing lights. One study found an audible alarm burden of 187 alarms per bed per day, with 88.8% being false positives. Clinicians understandably tune out this cacophony of sounds and visual alerts, leading to numerous deaths and other patient safety issues.
  • Any system that requires clinicians to adjust their workflow to the technology. It should be the other way around.
  • Systems that only track group performance, not individual. Anonymous data is much less effective in changing behavior. And there are ways to use individual data in positive, supportive ways – not punitive.
  • Heavy IT demand systems that require opening up walls, connecting to your network, or going through your firewall.
  • Additional wearables that clinicians must add, which can disrupt workflows if they need to check them in and out each day to be recharged and sync data.
  • Any system that requires you to use a particular type of dispenser or brand of skincare products.

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