Our Hand Hygiene Acceleration Pathway™ Process

Installing new technology into a complex organization like a hospital and walking away doesn’t work. We use a systematic, patent-pending, six-phase process that leverages technology to drive behavioral change and deliver value to hospitals along the journey to HAI reduction.

The process includes gamification, rewards, and other factors that actually make it fun. Staff acceptance is high since our system is always positive and never punitive.

This process has doubled (or tripled) hand hygiene rates in many hospitals. More importantly, it has reduced HAIs by 72% – 81%.

This chart shows typical hand hygiene performance rates during our six-phase Hand Hygiene Acceleration Pathway.

Here’s a brief overview of what
happens in each phase:

  1. Setting The

    The technology is installed and quietly gathers data in the background to set a baseline.

  2. Listen &

    The Real-Time Voice Reminder™ is turned on.

  3. Team

    Gamification is added; a group competition with incentives builds engagement.

  4. Challenge

    Gamification continues with an individual competition and rewards. We identify top performers and those who may be struggling.

  5. Workflow Process

    System data identifies potential workflow challenges, allowing clinicians to be more efficient.

  6. High Risk Patient Intervention

    We pay special attention to C. diff and Isolation rooms, and provide Real-Time Intervention Blueprints™ to address issues mid-shift.

For more details about each phase’s goals, methods, measurements and results, download our Process Whitepaper.

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