Webinar Featuring Dr. Chris Hermann Available On Demand

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ATLANTA, GA – May 15, 2019 – Clean Hands–Safe Hands announced today that its Founder and CEO, Chris Hermann, PhD, MD, appeared in a webinar that is now available on demand.

The webinar, entitled “Technology and Culture: Critical Elements of a Comprehensive Hand Hygiene Program,” was put on by Premier as part of its Advisor Live® series. The live webinar occurred on Thursday, May 2, 2019 as part of an early celebration of World Hand Hygiene Day, which was Sunday, May 5, 2019.

Dr. Hermann discussed the “ABCs” explaining why hand hygiene performance rates aren’t higher in hospitals (“Awareness, Busyness & Craziness”), including the difference between clinicians’ perception of their own hand hygiene compared to reality. He showed how technology can address each of these issues and has successfully reduced healthcare-associated infections by an average of over 66% in 14 consecutive hospital installations.

In addition, Dr. Hermann presented additional applications of clinical intervention data, including determining that providers are 3.3x more likely to visit normal patients as compared to those in isolation. He also reviewed two brief cases of insights revealed during exposure tracking and contact tracing events.

Joining Dr. Hermann was Janet Glowicz, PhD RN, FAPIC, Infection Preventionist for the CDC’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion Prevention and Response Branch. Dr. Glowicz reviewed the key components of hand hygiene improvement programs, including measurement and providing timely feedback.

The on demand version of the webinar may be viewed here: http://offers.premierinc.com/WBN_AL_CS_Hand-Hygiene_2019_05_02_On-Demand.html. The slide deck is also available for download at the same link.

About Clean Hands – Safe Hands

Clean Hands – Safe Hands (CHSH) helps reduce HAIs by inspiring a personal-best approach to hand hygiene. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company began through a research consortium of the CDC, Emory University, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Knowing that the primary accepted method of direct observation is ineffectual in reducing HAIs, physicians and technologists worked together to develop an innovative solution to the real-world problem. The CHSH technology supports a unique, systematic process that drives behavioral change and delivers value to hospitals all along the journey to HAI reduction and prevention. For more information, visit https://cleanhands-safehands.com.



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