• Real-time Voice Reminder
  • Adaptable System
  • Performance Improvement
  • Gamified Encouragement
  • Actionable Analytics

More Than Standard Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring Systems

Finally, an automated hand hygiene monitoring and reminder system that people like. Friendly reminders. Non-disruptive technology. Fitness tracker-style performance goals. And a data-driven process that nurtures a culture of proactive HAI prevention.

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A Simple Solution to a Complex
Safety Problem

A Simple Solution to a Complex
Safety Problem

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Why Clean Hands – Safe Hands Is

  • 75K

    HAI Deaths Per Year

    Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) lead to around 75,000 preventable patient deaths per year

  • $30B

    In Unnecessary Costs

    HAIs cost the U.S. healthcare system approximately $30 billion a year, needlessly

  • $10K - $30K

    In Costs for HAIs

    The (largely unreimbursable) cost of managing HAIs can range from $10,000 – $30,000 per bed per year

Discover How Your Hospital Can Reduce HAIs by >66%

Fifteen hospital installations in a row have reached this goal, saving lives and millions of dollars. Download our free whitepaper to learn more.

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“I’ve been in Infection Prevention for 38 years. I’ve been through AIDS, West Nile Virus, Ebola and more. But the last two years have been the most exciting! FINALLY, the addition of Clean Hands – Safe Hands to our standard infection prevention practices resulted in significant infection rate reduction.”
– Nancy Osborn, Manager of Infection Prevention and
Epidemiology, The Medical Center, Navicent Health
“I love Clean Hands - Safe Hands! It's the best way to measure hand hygiene performance because it allows for accountability down to the individual. We can now hold our staff responsible for their performance. Because of that, we have significantly decreased HAIs at our hospital.”
– Linda Huddleston, Director of Infection Prevention & Employee Health, Floyd Medical Center
"Clean Hands- Safe Hands is capable of using the data to inform the hospital management on what measures need to be taken to improve an individual’s performance. Customers and users can easily and quickly identify who is under-performing and lacking in hand hygiene compliance at an individual, group, or room level. This further enables the identification of deviation from compliance and hence enables the need for workflow improvement."
– Dr. Bejoy Daniel, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost and Sullivan

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