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The System That Will Change the Way We Think About Our Hands

Happy Hands, Happy Staff, Happy Patients

We go above and beyond collecting numbers. Our goal is your improvement.

Why We're Different

Happy Hands, Happy Staff, Happy Patients

For Clinicians, By Clinicians

For Clinicians, By Clinicians

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Meet the people who discovered the secret to hand hygiene

We’re the Leaders in Hand Hygiene Compliance and Monitoring

Clean Hands Safe Hands is a wireless, non-intrusive, clinician-centered hand hygiene monitoring technology designed to help hospitals improve and report compliance for staff and visitors.

Why Use Electronic Compliance Monitoring?

Gentle, non-disruptive Natural Language Voice Reminder™ helps your most and least compliant clinicians remember to wash up. One less thing to worry about in a busy facility!

How Our Technology Works

Our system uses real-time data to focus on people, behavior, and culture. Where other systems prioritize invasive surveillance, we’re more like a fitness tracker for your germ count.

Infection Prevention can Save You Money

No room in the budget? Since the cost of HAI for a 400 bed facility amounts to $4 million per year, CHSH can help. Our system provides hospitals with valuable hygiene compliance data. More importantly, our patented six-phase process improves performance and reduces infection costs.