See you at APIC 2017, Booth #469

The 4th Annual Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, June 14-16, Portland, OR

APIC 2017 - June 14-16, Portland, OR

We look forward to meeting industry stakeholders at APIC and sharing how our solutions can deliver the results you need. Just as Fitbit devices build a culture of fitness, our solution builds a culture of proactive HAI prevention based on individual and team hand hygiene performance. Technology is the foundation, but a significant part of the value we deliver is a transformative process—built on a spirit of competition and fun, focused on facility-wide improvement, proven to stop infection problems at their source.


We develop comprehensive hand hygiene solutions for hospitals to improve patient care and save lives.

Our Vision


To redefine hand hygiene as an adventure of continual improvement and organizational discovery, and to work with hospitals as partners on the journey.

Clean Hands – Safe Hands. Lead the transformation.